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UI developer with backend and UX/design experience.

Specialization in Vue.js, design systems architecture, accessibility, developer experience.

Primary experience in SCSS, CI/CD tooling, AEM, UX, node, Laravel, webpack, React, jQuery, documentation, process design, Wordpress

Other experience in SVG animation, meetup administration, public speaking, Drupal, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Phonegap, actionscript, FlashBuilder, AfterEffects, SQLite, IE6 compatability, PDFreactor, PHP, markdown, IBM WCM, handlebars, gulp, Photoshop, responsive design, Illustrator, Chrome extensions, Greensock, apache, docker, yaml, Homesite, pug->XML, IE6 compatability, sound design, grant applications, non-profit board membership, parenting, cycling, environmentalism, playwriting, agency, enterprise, feeling old, feeling inspired

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