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7 votes

Am I still allowed to edit link-only answers in the queue, or should I always delete them?

38 votes

Would SO community benefit from an AI mechanism to help moderators identify duplicated or related questions?

22 votes

Time to take a stand

35 votes

Please blacklist the [jasperviewer] & [jasperprint] tags

19 votes
Accepted redirects to

-5 votes

What exactly is considered 'Rude or Offensive' in comments anymore?

24 votes

How is this "question" not spam?

19 votes

Do we need coordinated efforts to moderate the site?

7 votes

Would it be useful to have an extension of mjölnir close voting powers for (language) tag related close reasons?

23 votes

Allow us again to see if a question is currently on the close review queues

47 votes

Can I sit under my oak tree or do I need to go on rep hunt?

-2 votes

Modify the the automatic review comment to help out both reviewers and OP

5 votes

Shouldn't homework questions with no work done be closed?

8 votes

Do I solve user's problem or answer the question?