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Question closed because unclear. Edits accepted, not reopened
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You can ask the question, but what's the point of omitting the MCVE? Similar to Is it inappropriate to ask what a compiler error message means?, in this case there might be multiple different reasons ...

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Can we do something about posters using <pre> HTML tags in code blocks?
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No, there's nothing that explicitly tell the user to use <pre>...</pre> to format multiline code (except some "obscure" Meta.SE posts). In the help of guided mode, there's only information ...

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I need help improving my question about PHP form handling
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As I said in a comment, this question does not have a MCVE. To fix the problem: (note that being minimal is not absolutely required, but you're more likely to get an answer in this case because less ...

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Are "This question is discussed on meta" comments useful?
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Are this kind of comments useful? Do they try to explain why the post has that many upvotes or downvotes? And not lastly, should we flag these kind of comments? From the help center: You ...

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Why is this question a duplicate?
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(disclaimer: I do not intend to offend anyone in this post. If you think the language is problematic consider suggesting improvement.) I can't read other people's minds, but I can guess that they ...

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Can't post due to code format error
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After some attempts and try to reduce the post to an MCVE, I can confirm that if it's posted from a 1-rep account, this brings up the big red box says Your post appears to contain code that is not ...

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