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Currently: working with C#, WPF, ASP.Net, sometimes C++

Past: looked a few pages deep into the C/C++ standard; went crazy; end of story.

A legal note regarding code snippets in my questions and answers:

  • Questions: Stackoverflow rules apply, unless explicitely mentioned otherwise in the question.
  • Answers:
    • The user is required to understand the code snippet prior to production usage (*) and it is the users responsiblity to make a qualified decision, whether the snippet is sufficient in his/her usage scenario. Snippets are provided 'as is' without any warranty regarding their correctness or fit for a specific purpose.
    • If the answer quots an external source of the snippet, the quoted source determines the licensing
    • If I explicitely address the concern of licensing/copyright in the answer, it has a higher priority than the rules explained here
    • All other code snippets are free to be used in any sort of context (free, commercial, ...). Quoting or acknowledgement is allowed but not required. The snippet can be dual-licensed under any license in the context of the work where it is embedded. It is the users responsibility to clarify, that the snippet is not part of his or her original work and thus other users of the same snippets are not accused of copyright infringements.

(*) production usage: This includes anything published as a release candidate, a release, handing in the solution to an assignment (Thats right, dear students out there. Your are not allowed to copy and paste my snippets into your homework solution without understanding them) or any other form that that exceeds development or retired state (if a project is canceled, you don't have to erase my snippets just because it is not in development state anymore).

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