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Big Brother
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Watch out! I am Sparkles', the Unicorn, Big Brother. In 2020, I rescued him/her from an infinite regression of dashing and jumping and became one of those 90 users network-wide to be appointed as the Defenders of the Unicorn. In 2021, I rescued him/her from a kidnapper and again joined the rank of Defender of the Unicorn with 50 other users.

In real life, I am an Astrophysicist and am currently studying Thermonuclear Bursts in binary star systems. Apart from that, I have an avid interest in the History of Science and Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Harry Potter, Geographical History and a lot of other stuff! I am a chill kind of guy (yes my pronoun is "he") and if you want to contact me, just ping me in a chat you can find me in or comment under one of my posts (remember to delete it later)!

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