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92 votes

Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts

35 votes

Dealing with commonly misdiagnosed problems (X is doing Y, but it's really caused by unmentioned Z)

31 votes

Edit war: How do I raise a flag without getting declined by moderator?

11 votes

Massive Loss of reputation overnight

8 votes

The answer I'm writing exceeds the 30k maximum character limit; what should I do?

6 votes

Should I flag one of the 2 answers of this question as plagiarism?

4 votes

Background color of questions

3 votes

Can you give me the answer within a period of time?

2 votes

Low rep users should be able to make comments

2 votes

Toggle Code block

2 votes

It was [once] but now it gets [single]

1 vote

"This is commentary on another post, NAA" doesn't make sense for lone self-answers

1 vote

Is it acceptable to improve other people' answers to your own question?

1 vote

Issue with Snippet

0 votes

Over time, on Stack Overflow, it is harder to earn a great deal of reputation. What can we do?

0 votes

Is it better to err on the long side or the short side when writing questions?

0 votes

Can I search questions by reputation?

-1 votes

Accepted answer with OP saying it isn't helpful

-2 votes

Snippet editor not working properly during text select/delete/copy/paste

-3 votes

Should I improve the title of an obvious duplicate? If so, how do I make it more unique?

-5 votes

Small edits should be allowed

-7 votes

Disabling answer posting, after spending extensive time, seems annoying

-8 votes

Please unpin the accepted answer from the top

-9 votes

Are tags: [mutability] and [immutability] the same?

-9 votes

Are questions in the form of "How do I explain something for a X-year-old" valid?

-9 votes

Would using honeypot tags to trigger a warning be effective in raising question quality?

-14 votes

Let's not [bounce] around

-33 votes

(How) Should I flag comment "Please look at my question"