Matthew Brent

I <3 creating digital experiences that users enjoy interacting with. Sometimes it's making a tool run faster, sometimes it's developing a whole new approach using modern front end technologies.

I started my career as a designer and working my way up to Art Director, won several international design awards. Through some opportunities with other developers I transitioned into development, delivering interactive websites that scored huge wins for my employer's clients. I quickly realized that development is my passion and found my experience and knack for problem-solving translated into a foundational skillset and a thirst for constant learning.

My core language is Javascript, both es5 & es6. git VCS and node/babel/webpack tooling.

I'm now using my skills to develop and maintain internal apps at Compassion Canada, I also am responsible for suggesting and integrating new technologies to improve both the user and development experience.

In my spare time i'm currently learning Elm and spending time exploring reactive functional programming.

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