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Arslan Anwar
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I am as Android developer for I am a passionate mobile developer with 10+ years of experience in android development. I am currently working with Java, Kotlin programming languages in Android Development. I am adept at using several software design patterns and have extensive knowledge of creating applications for mobile platforms I have managed all aspects of application development, from requirement gathering to publishing the product to the app stores. I have good understanding of web technologies and their integration with mobile clients.

Apart from development a major portion of my role remained as a team lead. I have spent time being a team lead for mobile platform as well as technical lead for Android team in my recent projects. To keep up with the latest trends in respective development and share my knowledge I spend my time on Stackoverflow and write my own blog.

As a student I have a good record I completed my education with distinction, securing second position amongst my batch and received gold medal from prime minister of Pakistan.

I would like to proceed working with Objective more mobile technologies on challenging Android projects. So a position of Sr. Android Developer, Principal Developer and technical lead will suit me. Having worked on different roles in my professional career, I am totally able to work well with different teams.

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