I'm just here to try to have fun and share ideas with people who have been programming professionally for a long time. I'll have to ask for forgiveness if my answers get a bit disorganized and long-winded at times. I don't always use this site while sober and also English isn't my first language and I have a bit of a troll in me especially when totally smashed. Actually, I prefer to use this site when I'm not sober as I tend to find the aggressive and seemingly-uncoordinated moderation upsetting otherwise. I don't see the point in mob-downvoting and closing questions and dupe-hammer left and right. I guess those volunteers want to try to keep the site clean, but I'm thinking it's coming at the cost of its popularity. What use is a crude knowledge base if fewer and fewer people want to participate over the years to the point where we see nothing but tumbleweeds or downvotes when someone who isn't a complete beginner is daring enough to even ask a question?

I don't think I use this site properly. I'm more interested in "discussion" and "ideas" and "opinions" than straightforward technical answers. Been told many times that I'm not using the right site but I got a bunch of other people telling me that my long-winded and rambly answers are really helpful to them. I dunno. I just want to have some fun. I'm not compatible with super-serious people who want everything to be so precise and absent metaphor and poetry and crude attempts at jokes.

I'm into audio programming, computer graphics (my job). gamedev (my previous jobs), compiler design, and trying to figure out how to code these multi-core beasts of hardware we have today without getting tangled up in some buggy or scary mess. I have been moving more and more towards a functional programming style over the years, with similar experiences and thoughts to John Carmack who seems to have had very similar pains as mine. Been programming since the 1980s starting with Borland Turbo C. I'm old now.

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