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My job and interest in software programming are to develop my hospitality skills in general, especially in systems that are constantly operating with patient surgery in the operating room. I gradually increased my programming skills as needed by the hospital, and I also took courses at some programming institutes. In addition to these, I improved my university education to get a master's degree. This degree is also related to medical engineering with a focus on information technology management. Since 2011, I have been designing and developing native HIS subsystems at Milad Hospital. At first, we used WEBFORM technology in the .NET 2 platform, and over time, we used more up-to-date technologies. My main interest is the SQL SERVER database. We are currently transferring the hospital's HIS software to another hospital. Using Angular and Web Api2, I can generate up-to-date software. We are familiar with Entity Framework, both MODEL First and Code First In the case of SQL Server at the Design, Administrator, and Performance level, I took a course and gained skills while working. I have been developing software for nearly two years in SCRUM and working with other programmers using "Pair Programming". I am familiar with TFS (Team Foundation Server - Azure) software for installation, management, and use as a user for software development. I am familiar with Version Control and am currently using Git in software development.

Also I use Pomodoro Technique. I follow, "Principles behind the Agile Manifesto", and "Core Design Principles for Software Developers by Venkat Subramaniam". I have signed the "Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship".

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