Anand Vaidya

  • Consulting java/cloud architect and mentor.

  • 14 years of solid experience in design and development of various products and technologies.

  • Keen focus on quality and experienced in setting up team/ processes. A Product Architect who believes in taking ownership of the product than just developing it.

  • Agile minded developer with great ability to learn over job. A leader who believes in making hands dirty in order to get results.

  • A hard worker who is passionate for innovation, and hates stereotype jobs.

  • Proven deliveries of complex projects with beginner team in lesser time. Fast learner and excellent mentor. Multi-tasker who quickly adapts to new environment, strong team player, sincere and always keen to meet targets.

  • Strong experience in CI/CD and market leading devops/ cloud technoogies.

  • Innovating micro-branding and precision marketing

    open for 100% remote / contract work

  • Pune, Maharashtra, India
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