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Venkatesh Muniyandi
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I am an experienced IT professional with over 15+ years of proven experience with Microsoft technologies, such as BI, big data analytics, enterprise-scale web application development, cloud computing (Azure), and Windows development.

I worked with major clients such as Microsoft, Bank of America, Dell, and Telstra in the past. I have demonstrated my ability to work and adapt to diverse work cultures across geographies (India, USA, Australia, Malaysia). I have handled end-to-end lifecycle for major enterprise-scale projects delivering analysis, design, development, technical leadership, project management, and performance tuning. I have rich experience working in a consulting environment in client-facing technical roles, representing IT firms like Dialog IT, Infosys, Accenture, and Green Info System to its prestigious clients.

Additionally, I know a broad array of technologies and hold more than a dozen IT Certifications in Microsoft and other technologies, including the latest Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert certification. I firmly believe and follow quality principles and have a strong understanding of the impacts of the Cost of Quality. I'm a Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA).

I'm passionate about technology and believe in continuous learning and improvement. I best utilize learning platforms like Microsoft Virtual Academy, Udemy, Microsoft Build events, Channel 9, and MSDN Subscription free credits.

I believe in learning thru sharing. I contribute to Stack overflow and have a reputation with several silver and bronze batches. Additionally, I own my YouTube channel named Venkat's tech talk, where I share my knowledge on the topics of my interest. My personal pet/exploration projects can be found at this git repository. I have also authored several courses on Udemy and Pluralsight platform with over 8000+ students and 4+ star ratings.

I believe that there is an opportunity in every project for innovation/process improvement. I have a handful of examples of my contributions to innovation/process improvement in every assignment I have worked on.


Venkatesh Muniyandi

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