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The C book list has gone haywire. What to do with it?
Accepted answer
24 votes

This question is off-topic, and has been off-topic for a long time. Let's delete it. Furthermore, we don't need a list of C books. Everyone knows that there is only one C book, and only one C++ book.

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Why can this answer be flagged as "very low quality"?
Accepted answer
13 votes

There's a question on What exactly does a VLQ flag do? with a fairly recent answer explaining how VLQ flag works. Basically, the VLQ flag is used to bring attention of people ...

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Why was my flag declined on this link-only answer?
8 votes

It is a link-only answer, according to the accepted definition. The answer you flagged amounts to saying "you can find an answer if you look at the Media Player Framework". That pretty much falls ...

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How to "suggest" an edit when you have full edit privileges?
6 votes

You can create a second account on Stack Overflow, keep it under 2k reputation, and use it for suggesting edits. Having multiple accounts is not against the rules, which have been stated as if the ...

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What should be done about this immensely popular but terrible and misleading question?
3 votes

To all people viewing this meta question: this is how the JSON parsing question looked like before this meta question was asked, in its "terrible and misleading" form. What should be done about ...

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How to improve an old, bad question when editing may invalidate exising answers?
2 votes

How do I improve my old question? Asking a new question seems like a bad idea because it's a duplicate. Replacing the question with a different one, especially after it got answered, is against the ...

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Where should I do my research, and are low research effort questions bad?
2 votes

Is a question that can be answered by searching the internet, documentation or anywhere outside of SO a bad question? It depends on what you have found. Basically, the quality of the question is ...

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This answer is a stub. A partial solution for partial answers on Meta
1 votes

The problem stated by this question is Many post partial answers to meta questions via comments, but that's now discouraged You want to solve it by It's a proposed cultural shift in our ...

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Announcing the Stack Overflow Time Machine
-12 votes

in 1998 when we had JavaScript but not jQuery C++ but not Boost Ruby but not Rails Java but not Eclipse C but not C# Python but not Django Visual Studio but not .NET In 2019, C++ still has Boost, ...

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Require Participation in a Community Before Making Decisions that Affect That Community's Future
-21 votes

There is no community. Everyone is on their own here. They want us to answer their questions on their terms: I feel that a customer service ethos should be the norm We want to answer their ...

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Content, rules, and perceptions
-27 votes

What can be done with the existing process to limit the amount of friction between confused users and the removal of their off-topic content? The friction happens when new users receive comments they ...

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