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190 votes
Who keeps upvoting these terrible questions?
38 votes

You're dismissing sock puppetry too easily here. I have spotted several accounts on SO which are certainly upvoted by sock puppets. Those may be hard to spot, but once you find them, those accounts ...

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3 answers
68 votes
What to do with comments "This isn't C++" and re-tagging
12 votes

I think such retagging is not appropriate since it's conflicting with author's intent. If the code presented in the question is only valid in C, while C++ tag is used (or vice versa), the OP should be ...

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1 answers
16 votes
Disputed flags & questions closed for the same reason
4 votes

I don't think it's a good idea to show the flags which have already been raised. This will bias the reviewers towards raising the same flag without much consideration. You basically give people the ...

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6 answers
53 votes
If the question is specifically about a certain language, is an answer in another language valid?
3 votes

I believe that depends on the question. If the asker looks for a high-level solution (algorithm, best practice, etc.) then an illustration in a different language may well be helpful and doesn't ...

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3 answers
13 votes
What to do with answers taking over yours?
2 votes

So what you're saying is that there's an answer essentially same as yours which was posted before, which was missing one secondary detail? I'm sorry to say it, but why do you expect your answer ...

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4 answers
65 votes
Should I avoid hitting the question/answers vote cap?
1 votes

If you want to spend more votes on questions you're genuinely interested in, I suggest you avoid casting too many votes in review queues. Personally, I avoid downvoting and flagging low-quality ...

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31 votes
Why was this admitted typo question disputed?
0 votes

It's generally nice to post a comment to the question you flag/vote to close/downvote/etc. It may help the OP with a clue on how to improve before his question receives a ton of downvotes or gets put ...

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15 answers
148 votes
Why are users answering questions as quickly as possible?
-3 votes

Stack Overflow could make it cost one reputation point or so to make a second edit within 10 minutes. Though it will hurt fastest-guns and perfectionists alike, and perfectionists don't do any ...

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