I used to post some good answers on this site, answers that earn upvotes to this day. But the way Stack Overflow works these days no longer seems to be about sharing knowledge, getting answers, and welcoming community.

Now your answers must be "politically correct" and complying to the highest nazi standards of those who didn't even ask for them, and who claim to know better than the original poster what's good for them. Often they even edited my answers and corrupted them from their original intended meaning, because of what they thought is a better answer. (Hey, if you think of a better answer, why don't you write your own? :q )

Same goes with questions: most of them are claimed as "dumb", "off topic", "duplicate", or whatever lame excuse they can come up with to close/delete it. Especially when they can't answer the question themselves immediately with a canned response copy-pasted from Wikipedia.

I don't like it that Stack Overflow has become just one huge middle-fingered RTFM / SEO link farm for Wikipedia, and I don't want to participate in it anymore. That's not the type of "community" I want to be part of. I won't delete my old answers (and most likely they wouldn't allow me to do it anyway – they would revert them), but don't expect any more answers from me. I'm done with this site.

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