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I wrote millions of code lines over 25 years. Mentored over four thousand people. Led teams. Published books, articles, documentation. Helped to create and improve dozens of software products. Designed some of them from scratch. Software engineering is my main field, but I'm a problem solver above all.

Holding a Master's degree in Production Engineering, MBA in IT Management, Technologist degree in Data Processing, IT Technician certified, I'm a consultant, manager, speaker, mentor, teacher, writer of numerous articles, documentation, and didactic materials, author of books on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, open-source contributor, recognized Vue.js community partner.

Back in 1998, I put my first website live. Never stopped then, having worked with a wide range of things like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript), TypeScript, Tailwind, SASS, Vue, Nuxt, React, React Native, NativeScript, Lit (Polymer), jQuery, Webpack, Vite, Node, GraphQL, PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB, SQL, Prisma, Mongo, Firebase, ChartJS, TreeJS, Storybook, Jest, Cypress, Docker, Google Cloud...

15 years ago I expanded studies to UI/UX design, branding, information architecture, semantics, usability, accessibility, standardization. I've been involved in the creation of many design systems and component libraries. But while having a passion for front-end and pixel-perfect interfaces, I also enjoy a lot back-end and systems' architecture, and I possess deep proficiency in SQL.

"While we teach, we learn" was said by Seneca. I started teaching in Higher Education at 21 years old. I also taught in Post-degree and Vocational Education levels, classes in a variety of sub-areas of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Production Engineering, and Management. As an experienced teacher and a life-long learner, I totally endorse it.

I led my first team at 19 years old. Since then, I've held leadership positions many times, such as Head of Engineering, Higher Education Course Coordinator, Team Leader, and Project Leader. An experienced leader, having been studying Project Management and People's Management since 2005, I'm used in adapting so-called traditional Software Engineering practices with Agile methodologies.

As a fan of multidisciplinary personalities over history, for me aggregating knowledge of multiple fields then putting it to good use into the software industry is the way to go. Multidisciplinary reflects on my personal life as well. A husband and "father" of two dogs and a cat, I'm an addicted reader, hobbyist musician since childhood, gamer, cook, amateur interior designer, writer, philosopher, and... Who knows the next learning?

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