[("Senior") HeHe] Software Engineer.
Mainly Java plus some frontend techs and devops.
Trying to specialise in other JVM languages amd in the overall software architecture.

Beautiful side of Java8:

public static Collector<CharSequence, ?, String> joining(CharSequence delimiter,
                                                         CharSequence prefix,
                                                         CharSequence suffix) {
    return new CollectorImpl<>(
        () -> new StringJoiner(delimiter, prefix, suffix),
        StringJoiner::add, StringJoiner::merge,
        StringJoiner::toString, CH_NOID);

Even beautifuler ( :D :D ) side of Java9:

static <E> List<E> of(E e1, E e2, E e3, E e4, E e5, E e6, E e7, E e8, E e9, E e10) {
    return new ImmutableCollections.ListN<>(e1, e2, e3, e4, e5,
                                            e6, e7, e8, e9, e10);

Both examples are taken from standard API.

TBH, since I started I already felt like I'm falling behind, because this stuff is really changing soooo rapidly.

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