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117 votes

What to do when a person becomes uncomfortable when we want to help

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How should I deal with a very old no longer on topic question that some one just answered?

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User is putting up 5+ answers pointing to his own Github

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The backwards tag is backwards

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Why was this spam flag declined for an incoherent post with a link to a video?

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Is this question off-topic for Stack Overflow?

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What action should be taken on an answer making opinionated statements about the subject of the question and linking to a blog for more?

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I'd like to remark about the unremarkable [mark] tag

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How can I improve my 'too broad' question so it would fit on Stack Overflow (or Programmers)?

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What to do with a question where I asked why my code is wrong, after I figured out that the issue wasn't related to the code?

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Our policy on posts with hidden link spam to the author's website

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Edit war: How do I raise a flag without getting declined by moderator?

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Remove tag synonym? -> gulp-watch

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What should I do about a lack of good canonical questions?

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Should the "duplicate of" be reversed for these two questions?

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Remove Sensitive Information From Questions - IP Addresses

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Should this specific upvoted answered question be closed as too broad?

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How is this question not closed as off-topic?