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Gavril Ognjanovski

I am Gavril Ognjanovski, 26 years old guy from Macedonia. As far back as I can remember myself I have been fascinated and interested in technology and electronics. So choosing my field of study has always been easy for me. After finishing high school I started getting deeper into programming on my own by taking online courses. I also started with an internship. All that experience was great and made my studies at “Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering” in Skopje easier. During the first two years of studies I made a lot of friends and contacts which resulted in joining a startup idea with 2 other colleagues. It's ultimate social business network for trading products and services, that automates the business process of the customers that are using it and in the same time creates, supports and strengthens long-term B2C and B2B relationships. Responsibilities that I have are product and business development, develop and manage technical architecture and infrastructure, ensuring security and maintainability of the product.

At the beginning of my professional development, I was also working as a freelancer with a lot of different clients. During the years as my experience grew, I developed successful, strong and trustworthy relationships with some of the clients. This resulted in me building and managing a network of developers so I can distribute the tasks and deliver more work to my clients.

When I'm not working I like to explore about Machine Learning and I also write blogs on Medium from time to time (https://medium.com/@ognjanovski.gavril). I'm fascinated by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. Also I'm a big fitness fanatic and have been training box for a long time. In 2016 I got my national coaching licence and since then I have been participating as a secondary coach in my club.

My adventurous spirit and curiosity has given me the drive for constant improvement and growth in every aspect of life, professional and personal. I always enjoy going on new adventures, exploring new places, trying out new stuff, meeting new people and cultures.

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