C / C++ / C# / Python developer, and huge fan of CMake. It's interesting to track CMake's popularity on the site over time. I enjoy helping out in the community here in my spare time.

If you are asking a Question on Stack Overflow, consider reviewing this checklist by Jon Skeet to ensure your question contains sufficient detail to get the best help. It's best to include the following info in your question as text, if applicable:

  • A Minimal, Reproducible Example, which should include a complete copy of your code, and the steps to reproduce the problem.
  • The full error message - not only a snippet or description of the error, but the complete log to provide surrounding context for where and how the error occurred.
  • The environment you are using (i.e. Operating System)
  • The supplemental tools you are using, and their versions (i.e. compiler versions, IDE versions, build tool versions, package versions, etc.)
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