Hi, I'm a front-end digital developer. I design and develop web-apps and websites. I have 24 years experience of working with markup, styling, scripting, data, vector graphics, animations and developing apps using client-side and server-side technologies:

  • Modern Javascript / ES2015+ (Front-End Development)
  • PHP7 (Server Side Development)
  • .htaccess (Server Configuration)
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • SVG
  • JSON
  • Regular Expressions
  • WebComponents
  • IndexedDB
  • Progressive Web App (Webmanifest & Service Worker)
  • Web Storage (localStorage & sessionStorage)
  • Javascript (ES5 / ES3)
  • a dash of jQuery

In mid-2022, I'm now learning Deno, TypeScript and Vue 3.

Markup and Development

HTML5: I am familiar with working with a large number of HTML5 APIs, not least:

  • Web Storage (localStorage & sessionStorage)
  • IndexedDB
  • Fetch (next gen xmlHttpRequest)
  • Touch Events
  • GeoLocation
  • Web Workers (for multi-threaded development)
  • Media API (Video & Audio)
  • Page Visibility
  • File System


CSS3: I am familiar with working with a large number of CSS3 Modules, not least:

  • CSS Custom Properties
  • CSS Grid
  • CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Typed Object Model
  • CSS Animations & Transitions
  • CSS Transforms
  • CSS Filters
  • CSS Masking and Clipping
  • CSS Pseudo-Classes & Pseudo-Elements
  • CSS Counters
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Columns
  • Media Queries

I have 18 years experience writing CSS Stylesheets and presenting cross-device compatible web pages using Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Web Design, RESS etc.

Scripting and more (Server Side and Client Side)

Javascript: I have 8 years experience in writing ES5 and 4 years experience in writing ES2015+.

JSON: I can quickly and competently write and edit valid JSON and manipulate in both Javascript and PHP. In 2019, I wrote a single-page Javascript app presenting a user-interface for quickly creating valid JSON strings of any length and complexity.

PHP5 and .htaccess: I have 10 years experience in server-side scripting using PHP and server configuration using .htaccess (mod_rewrite, setting HTTP headers etc.) .

Ajax and Fetch API: I am adept in using Ajax to asynchronously access server side scripts from the client side. I am increasing my competency in using the Fetch API (the ES2015 next generation alternative to Ajax / xmlHttpRequest).

Regular Expressions: I frequently use Regex in javascript, PHP & .htaccess.

Website Maintenance: I am familiar with robots.txt and XML Sitemaps. In 2014 I wrote a PHP app which auto-generates XML Sitemaps.

jQuery: When I need to do so, I can quickly and competently translate backwards and forwards between jQuery and Javascript.

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