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94 votes

Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

67 votes

Careers Unificintegration: Jobs on Stack Overflow

38 votes

Stack Overflow is no longer useful

25 votes

Should we delete answers containing "and see if it works" with reason "should be a comment"?

25 votes

What can we do with questions where the only response is "contact the vendor"?

23 votes

Please clarify the policy on homework questions

21 votes

Warlords of Documentation: Your Quest(ions Answered)

19 votes

Let's have a "Tidy Up" button!

14 votes

Please update the Google Prettify syntax-highlighting library

12 votes

What to do when another user reverts my edits?

10 votes

Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2

9 votes

Why do Swift questions on Stack Overflow get marked as duplicates of Objective-C questions?

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Delete historically locked "What is the best way to parse html in C#?"

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When is a programming question not about programming?

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C tag usage, radical changes to tag wiki. Which policy to keep?

5 votes

Implement a vote-based warning system for potentially dangerous answers

5 votes

How can other users warn a new user, frequently missing the SO policies for 'How to ask here?'

4 votes

What is the prevalence of accepted or top-voted answers that are actually intrinsically flawed? (research)

4 votes

Top Navigation Update

2 votes

Reposting comments accidentally moved to chat that don’t belong there

2 votes

Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue!

-3 votes

Is it correct to answer copying from comments by other users?

-4 votes

What to do when an answer is drawn out to a discussion inside the comments?

-14 votes

Time for roomba to ignore comments

-15 votes

What happens if I click "automatically move this discussion to chat?"

-39 votes

Why were my flags declined but the flagged comments removed?