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65 votes

What explains the large number of people visiting the election page but not voting?

36 votes

No needing of [seeding]

29 votes

Are questions really getting worse?

26 votes

What tag should I use to ask questions about the P programming language?

23 votes

What is the best way to deal with a temporal event which gets a lot of attention?

20 votes

Why does the UTC time only appear in the achievement tab?

15 votes

In the name of [god]

11 votes

What to do if you are banned from asking a question on that day because of serial downvoting?

10 votes

A step towards stopping spammers

8 votes

The famous tag regex answer: Should its title be edited?

7 votes

Regex and HTML - The long tail annoys me

7 votes

Q. "How to do X fast?" A. "Fast code isn't important."

5 votes

Unable to respond to threatened delete of question

4 votes

Inconsistent reminder for bounty grace period and expirations

4 votes

Should the [freeze] tag be burninated?

3 votes

What to do if a "question" is not a question

2 votes

Are questions about pure calendar theory on topic?

2 votes

Sympathy for a tag synonym request required

1 vote

What to do with implicit tags for a very complex, specific library?

0 votes

How to handle a self-answer, which is a rant actually just refusing to provide the solution?

0 votes

Setting up a FAQ for the C++ tag

0 votes

Should this answer deleted as link-only be undeleted?

-2 votes

Is asking why a language uses a keyword instead of another more descriptive/obvious one in scope for SO?

-2 votes

Are questions about checking correctness of code on topic?

-3 votes

Upvoting for reasons other than "showing research and effort"

-10 votes

Congrats on 1m [javascript] questions!

-18 votes

Urgh, there exists a "web3.0" tag?