John William Domingo

I'm a full stack software engineer and I love writing code that tells a compelling user story. I’m very intrigued by the intersection between people and technology and I enjoy architecting delightful experiences so users don’t have to rewire the way they think about interaction.

I love building reusable components to organize my frontend as well as decoupled backend systems to manage asynchronous services. I pick up new languages and tools quickly and I'm well versed in the trade-offs between many cutting edge technologies such as React, Angular, Redux, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, and Protocol buffers.

When solving complex problems, I take a technology-agnostic approach to maintain scalable and self-documenting code. In addition to Python, my most recent work primarily uses JavaScript because I value its flexibility, extensibility, and rapidly reinventing community.

I thrive in environments that champion team-driven development but also empower autonomous individuals to have a strong sense of ownership.