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26 votes

How exactly is this question off topic?

26 votes

New tag being created for a single java class

21 votes

Answering questions which ask for effort guidance, not spoon-fed solutions

20 votes

Blocked from reviewing due to incorrect Audit : dispute resolution

12 votes

Is downvoting someone for asking a very complicated question okay to do?

9 votes

Is it reasonable to upvote an answer if you don't know if it works?

8 votes

Retag rejected during review as too minor edit?

5 votes

When are answers just linking to some one else Answer/Text Ok?

4 votes

What do I now do for a previously "too minor" edit?

4 votes

Is it bad to answer "Don't do this, it is bad Android design"?

4 votes

Flagging "crash with stack trace" questions as duplicate of "sample" question

3 votes

Answering a question which you vote to close as off-topic

3 votes

LilyPond programming questions on Stack Overflow

1 vote

Should there be a deterrent for answering obvious duplicate questions?

-1 votes

Another (invalid?) failed audit

-16 votes

Is self-promotion allowed in a legitimate edit?