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35 votes

Is there a way to put code blocks in block quotes?

8 votes

Extensively edit a question so as to have a clean target for duplicates

5 votes

Why not combine Server Fault and Super User into Stack Overflow?

2 votes

Spurned authors deleting their questions after they are closed as duplicate

1 vote

How OK is it to post an answer on a (maybe) duplicate question?

1 vote

Can I create this new question or will it be closed as a dupe or otherwise cause controversy?

0 votes

Retag [aws-sam-local] to [aws-sam-cli]

-3 votes

Is AWS CloudFormation allowed here?

-10 votes

The "Reasonable User" theory of duplicate questions

-19 votes

Should this previously unclear but improved question be reopened?

-42 votes

Declaring a Review strike until efficiency improvements are implemented