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40 votes

Is Stack Overflow a good place for self learners?

33 votes

Why should I help close "bad" questions that I think are valid, instead of helping the OP with an answer?

31 votes

How can I get feedback on questions non-invasively?

24 votes

With a userbase as diverse as Stack Overflow's, how will we arrive at an actionable definition of "unwelcoming"?

20 votes

Should we reduce the use of [reducers]?

17 votes

Should we stop making martyrs of highly controversial opinionated posts?

13 votes

What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?

13 votes

General answer for questions that stem from folks that don't 'get' Promises

10 votes

Time to take a stand

9 votes

I do not understand how I can narrow down a question which has been closed for not being detailed enough in the past

3 votes

What exactly is the term "new-user" referring to?

2 votes

Is there a canonical question for user-defined type guards in TypeScript?

-2 votes

Can we do something 'How do I do X in AngularJS/React/framework Y'?