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Technology and I always understood each other well, I guess that is why I can say I feel confident when I am working on my projects I am so much passionate about.I am a silent, detail oriented change drivers for my team who believes that if you are good at something, you can only perfect it once you make sure you make another 10 people best in the same thing. I see established enterprises bringing innovative products to market, and I look opportunities to bridges the gap between executive and technical stakeholders. I bring additional experience in positioning technology for acquisition.

It became clear to me that this field requires constant, ongoing learning, or your knowledge and expertise will quickly expire. I loved this life of code and learning as I am someone who cant live without new learning and technology.

From the coding community, I landed as a founder of 2 successful companies that made their mark in their respective fields and one is still keeping its flag high in the global business of Development and telecommunication.

research, and the constant learning demanded by rapidly changing technology all merge to create a skill set and knowledge base that serve both individuals and corporations in their customized requirements. Sharing what I know, whether as a trainer or a Business Head, fuels my desire to keep growing and giving each day. If you are looking for mind blowing experience in technology consulting.. GAME-ON!

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