Branden Dane


  • Former designer gone rogue after learning a little code; Lover of Node. Not a poet.
  • VanillaJS first approach to JavaScript development, Tech Agnostic overall.
  • Building awesome shit is what I'm all about.
  • Preference for Functional/Reactive programming versus Object-Orientated.
  • Serverless (Lambas), micro-service oriented, and RESTful web services, in general, are a few personal favorite architectural flavors. On the Front-End; VR, AR, and areas of “bleeding edge” related UI/UX development.

A generalist, professional problem solver at heart who thrives in environments with no time for big egos and a heavy emphasis on cultivating culture and community first. Throughout my career, I've found a particular love for start-up life or similar environments where day-to-day challenges are constantly changing, cross-pollination is preferred over the lone-wolf mentality, and asking questions, even over-communication, is actively encouraged. In my most recent professional endeavors, I've enjoyed moving into a more leadership/mentorship-driven capacity and ideally would love to continue growth in these areas in any new role. As a Senior Full Stack Engineer who started in design, my strengths tend to compliment more Front-End driven development. However, I find the divide between pure Front-End and Back-End related tasks to be almost archaic in practice nowadays. With technology continuing to evolve at the awesome, rapid pace that it is, these lines are becoming more and more blurred and why I feel more comfortable labeling myself a "jack-of-all-trades" and a master of none.

I'm a huge fan of the Open-Source community and enjoy giving back as often as I am able. Below are links to a few projects of note.

Link to my up-to-date CV:


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