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155 votes

Does the policy change for AI-generated content affect users who (want to) flag such content?

34 votes

Does SO allow blocking users who troll?

12 votes

What's the problem with this question?

1 vote

Rename/change a tag - N1QL to SQL++

1 vote

Merge the tag [sql-operations-studio] into [azure-data-studio]

8 votes

Serial Downvoting Reversal mechanism not working

7 votes

How should I write my question about margins not working?

15 votes

Are library installation problems on topic for Stack Overflow?

23 votes

Are questions about Stack Overflow for Teams on-topic for Meta Stack Overflow? Where can I get support?

18 votes

Can I close my account on just this Stack Exchange site?

7 votes

Is there something to do with active tags which are mainly collecting non-programming questions?

16 votes

How can I remove an answered question which is receiving a lot of downvotes?

45 votes

Is there more I should be doing about a user's useless comments, or are they actually "helpful"?

15 votes

If you delete a post with downvotes, will you get your reputation back?

10 votes

Is it not ok to update posts with standardization information?

1 vote

'Code zoom' feature to view code in expanded popup

29 votes

Forced to lie in order to get my email server configuration question answered: is there any better approach?

3 votes

Names of room-owning moderators should be italicized

13 votes

Are "quote-only" answers allowed?

21 votes

What should I do with a question that has a workaround, but no direct answer?

5 votes

Change/Remove post improvement notification when downvote Meta questions/answers

17 votes

Should I flag users that want to help but asking to remote control the PC, something like using AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or any?

13 votes

Should the question “Why can’t I accept my own answer?” be undeleted?

20 votes

Declined flag for offensive username

25 votes

Is there a recent change of the way on how we flag non-English content with low quality?

6 votes

Is there any way to "draft" questions on-site and show them to specific people, but not publicly?

19 votes

How can I nominate one of my own questions for deletion?

70 votes

ChatGPT seems to be better than Stack Overflow, both in speed and accuracy—what does this mean for us?

27 votes

I failed this review queue audit on a plausible-looking answer, and I don't know why

24 votes

Why is it OK for someone to downvote my question without attempting to be helpful?

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