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Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?

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Does the policy change for AI-generated content affect users who (want to) flag such content?

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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

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2017 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

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2021 Community Moderator Election Results

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When is a closeable question also a "very low quality" question?

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Is it fair to close a question based on off-site interactions?

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Am I being disrespectful if I address people by their names?

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Should moderators run automated bots under their accounts?

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Congratulations, Zoe

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2020 Community Moderator Election Results

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New SO user not agreeing with the guidelines

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Why do we need to have exactly 3690 rep to be eligible for nomination? Why not 3.5K or 4K?

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How to improve my answer

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Announcement: New feature notification

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What was the context of the decision to lower the value of upvotes to a question?

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My question got deleted by a moderator; how can I find out the reason?

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I'm deleting my profile

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Testing native, sponsored banner ads on Stack Overflow (updated August 14)

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Review our technical responses for the 2022 Developer Survey

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Should we allow bots that repost answers from other sources?

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Am I the only one seeing the '90s retro theme, with the unicorns and sparkles?

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Understanding what's valuable to Stack Overflow

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Is suggesting an edit to correct grammar considered appropriate?

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Is "your" code really yours?

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Updated button styling for vote arrows: A/B testing has concluded

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Can someone explain why this edit was approved?

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Should I approve a minor code edit when code is not part of the problem?

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The Ask Question Wizard (2018) is Live!

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How do we deal with plagiarized answers?

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