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Take the 2020 Developer Survey
13 votes

What does family friendliness mean for a factor in deciding which job to take when compensation is equivalent? I assume it's supposed to be work-life balance or something, but I've never heard the ...

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Should the mod team tighten up moderation on Meta comments?
17 votes

While this is taken a bit out of context (talking about answering in comments on main site), I think it is suitable here as well. Deleting valuable contributions because you personally think that ...

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Comment icons always visible, a new feature or a bug?
19 votes

Reposting the answer from MSE by Monica Cellio over to here. Seems to be part of the July update and is geared towards making the UI to flag more discoverable. From the team DAG announcement for July:...

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“Ask a question” wizard prototype
440 votes

status-review I am not a UX designer, but in the "What's your title?" page of the wizard, I feel like the examples should be grouped by example, not by good or bad. See below for visual. which would ...

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