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89 votes

Can we have Hot Meta Posts (HMP) re-enabled, now that SE has admitted that Meta actually represents the engaged user base?

26 votes

A Welcoming Change: What do we have to lose?

21 votes

Welcome comment deleted

19 votes

Objection to answer deleted - self-promotion but not spam

14 votes

Wrong tag excerpt is shown for [uri] and [url] on finding tags

12 votes

Is there anything I can do to improve this question?

6 votes

Is the lack of reputation gain/loss for comments encouraging of a toxic environment?

4 votes

Clarifying the assessment of a question when the community doesn't reach consensus

3 votes

When to post new answer vs overhaul edits

3 votes

Is there an easy way to see which answer is the oldest?

-8 votes

Are questions asking for feature sets of specific software versions on topic?