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25 votes

A user deliberately started a duplicate question when an old one was present

9 votes

Should this question get reopened?

8 votes

I've got "Review audit failed" unreasonably for selecting "Leave Closed" to a question with no changes made at all

7 votes

Canonical question for calling non-exported Linux kernel functions from a kernel module

4 votes

What should we do with answers without explanation?

3 votes

Are answers that contain only commented code acceptable?

3 votes

Can we stop doing the [samba]?

3 votes

Mre and mRe tags

1 vote

Show current close votes to low-rep users who are considering answering a question and to the OP

-1 votes

Make Stack Overflow more friendly: remove the stigma of duplicates?

-3 votes

Was the close vote applied justly or not on my questions about procfs?

-4 votes

Was my question correctly closed as a duplicate?

-5 votes

Answer Audits Appearing Even Though I set the Filter to be Questions Only

-8 votes

Q. "How to do X fast?" A. "Fast code isn't important."