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I'm an engineer from ITA, the top engineering university in Brazil, founded by MIT professors.

• Dart/Flutter (Android and iOS mobile apps and Desktop)
• Android native in Java/Kotlin. iOS native in Swift
• AppStore and Google Play. Approving and launching apps
• JavaScript/Typescript. HTML/CSS. jQuery. React.js, Next.js. Web apps. Angular. SPA
• Java, Hibernate/JPA, JUnit, Mockito
• Python, C++ (past experience)
• SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL
• Analytics. A/B testing. Performance monitoring and error tracking
• UI/UX. HCI and UX research. Figma. Affinity Photo. Design language and system. Rtl languages
• Amazon Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, IAM, Cognito
• Google Firebase, Cloud Firestore, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, PubSub, BigQuery
• REST, GraphQL, gRPC. API design / Networking
• Microservices. Distributed Systems. Kubernetes. Docker. Kafka. Load balancing.
• Clean Code. Testable code. Quality. SOLID. Design Patterns
• TDD (Test Driven Development), Unit testing, Integration testing
• BDD (Behavior-Driven Development), Technical debt management
• Back-end simulation for integration tests
• Agile. Kanban. CI/CD. Git, GitHub. Jira
• Software architecture. System design. Documentation
• Cryptography. Immutable data structures
• Performance optimization and reliability
• Debugging and Profiling
• Online payments. Fintech. KYC. Trading Systems. Stock market. Cryptocurrencies
• Localization and internationalization
• Plugin development for the IntelliJ IDE
• AI and prompt engineering
• Mentoring/Coaching. Remote teams
• Excellent communication skills and technical writing

My Code

• GitHub -
• 15 packages -
• StackOverflow 28,900+ points -

Open Source

(See in

• Hibernate Inspections Plugin for IntelliJ
• Marcelo's Flutter/Dart Essentials Plugin for IntelliJ

Dart and Flutter:
• Fast Immutable Collections (FIC) — Immutable data structures, BDD Framework, Weak Map, Matrix4 Transform, Async Redux, I18n Extension, Align Positioned, Network to File Image, Image Pixels, Back Button Interceptor, Indexed List View, Animated Size/Fade, Assorted Layout Widgets, Themed

Patents - United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

• US7596530B1 — Cryptography for payments
• US7917437B1 — Cost reduction for Internet payments

My article on Flutter layout rules is the reference in the field, published by Google in the official docs:

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