Esteban Rocha

Hello! I’m a Full Stack Functional JavaScript, CSS & WordPress Software Engineer with a strong focus on Front-End, I like Shell Scripting and mechanical keyboards.

I have a profound interest in web technologies, and I specialize in Front-End Software Engineering, SysAdmin, and DevOps. My main development and knowledge skill set is composed of languages, developer tools and technologies like:

CSS - SASS - BEM/ABEM - PostCSS - HTML5 - JavaScript ES2018 - Babel - ESLint - Prettier - PHP7 - ReactJS - Jinja/Twig - WordPress Development - HubSpot Development ~ HubL - Shopify Development ~ Liquid.

Linux expertise on Arch-based distributions - Bash/Shell Scripting proficiency - Nginx - Apache - DNS - Server Virtualization (Oracle Virtualbox) - Pantheon.io - Digital Ocean - Linode - Amazon EC2 - ZEIT Now - Netlify.

Agile Software Development (Kamban, Scrum and XP) - Docker - GIT proficiency - Gulp/Webpack automation - BrowserSync - Gitlab Pipelines - Tmux - NeoVIM - VsCode - Chrome Developer Tools expertise.

Currently mastering Functional Programming λ with JavaScript ES2018 and diving into Haskell.

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