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49 votes

Inquiring about Programming Practices on SO

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How does a new user get started on Stack Overflow?

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Should we burninate the [priority] tag?

19 votes

Did we lose half a million questions?

19 votes

Should we allow offensive source code?

9 votes

Why is the Close Votes queue limited to only 40 reviews per day, when it has 11K questions waiting to be reviewed?

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Can I post a question on Meta that doesn't quite fit the Q&A format?

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Why does the user-experience tag exist?

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Merge [beanstalk], [elastic-beanstalk], and [amazon-elastic-beanstalk] tags

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Is there any way to be helpful besides answering questions?

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Should I upvote an originally-poor question that I have edited into understandability?

4 votes

There is no shame in using "Skip"

3 votes

"IE Web Development Support Moving to Stack Overflow"

1 vote

Is fastq really that important?