I am a Software Developer proficient mainly in .Net stack including some work with Java, Python, and Javascript with 6 years of experience.

I majored in Communications and Electronics Engineering (Bachelor’s degree) with a honor’s degree, and I am still passionate about Fourier and Laplace transform, how satellites work and the applications of signals and communications.

Regarding programming, I started by taking one computer programming class on Perl several years ago while in university. I have gained the rest of the knowledge and professional skills in an autodidactic way. Self-teaching helped me grow much more than I had initially thought, and I learned to be persistent and determined in gaining knowledge in every area I aspired.

I am mainly experienced in Web, Desktop applications, and Mobile Development using .NET stack as main including some Java.

I love contribution in the community and I believe that shared knowledge empowers the masses.

During my work experience, I have had direct contact with many customers of different cultures including USA, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. This inspired me to read more about customer behaviors, segments, channels and how the human brain works!

Currently, I live in Ireland but I am originally from Egypt. I speak Arabic and I am good in English.

Most of my contributions in community and learning are results of my love for programming and I really enjoy the whole process. However, I strongly believe that we are about to enter the second information age with the help of AI, Data Science, cloud computing and maybe Quantum Computing, which has made great progress in the past years.

Thus, I am trying to work harder lately, learning more and keep up to date with advancements in these areas.

I am a strong believer in Einstein’s Theory of everything which leads me to think that any improvement in any part of my life will improve my programming skills. I am also interested in signals, communications, politics, economics, history, and car racing!.