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Ph.D. in Mathematics. My specialty was guaranteed accuracy in numerical linear algebra.

I know and use different computer languages (at least 10). My favorite and mostly used languages are C#, C and C++.

I have intensive experience with Windows NT systems since October 1992 Beta of Windows NT 3.1. All time I tried study different Windows API and internals from both programming and administrative side. In 1993 I was one of the first beta testers on Microsoft SMS 1.0 in Europa with visits of developers in Redmond and so on. Since the time I know good problems of software installation and deployment.

I worked long time as IT consulting (for large companies) for different technologies (mostly from Microsoft) in both back-end and front-end, but software development is my favor. Because of that I developed a lot of different tools for IT administrators. Since I have a daughter and later a son I implement mostly projects with software development to see more my family.

In software development I developed different stuffs from driver development, NT services development up to COM, DCOM, RPC development and different Network technology.

I have very broad spectrum of interest. Currently I mostly interesting in: WFC RESTfull services, ASP.NET MVC, Security, jQuery, jqGrid, JavaScript. I am a perfectionist and like searching and using of the best, optimizes technologies, which perfect match to the solving problem.

I like to find and solve problems. Complex problems I like mostly. My typical projects are on the edge between software development and complex IT requirements from the administrative side.

I think that there are no stupid questions, only different points of view. So I use only voting up and no voting down and try to help as more people as possible.

Since more as 10 years I am self-employed. My own small company is OK soft GmbH.

Contact email for any commercial suggestions: oleg.kiriljuk@ok-soft-gmbh.com

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