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Md. Sajedul Karim
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Over the last seven years, I have worked on various types of applications using various technologies like Spring for web backend and Android and Kotlin for mobile development.

I have been mainly working with the Spring cloud Netflix stack (Eureka, Zuul, Ribbon) for developing scalable robust, and fault-tolerant backend applications. For application security, I used Spring Security, JWT, and also OAuth.

I have hands-on experience with AWS ec2, AWS elastic beanstalk, AWS load balancer, and auto-scaling. I have also working experience in the Google Cloud platform, Linode, and Digital ocean droplet and load balancer.

I have a decent knowledge of various databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis. I also worked on ORM like hibernate, Room, etc.

I have hands-on experience with Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, Docker containers, docker-compose, Kubernetes, etc tools.

I have knowledge of OOP and design patterns. I strictly follow SOLID principles and clean code.

Currently, I am writing on medium. My profile is

I also contribute to Here are some cool projects in my profile:

I am also interested in and looking for work on Projects using advanced OOP, deployed in the distributed system, handling large amounts of requests and data.

I am always ready to jump into projects which will help me learn more about JAVA, DevOps, Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Programming, Financial Technology, distributed systems, big data, and anything interesting and will help me become a better developer.

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