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We need better tools to prevent "long tail of crap" on popular questions
-4 votes

I believe a long tail of crap is less of a problem if a question is a community wiki. This allows more answers to be added without rep gains, and it allows curators to merge all good information into ...

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How to prepare for asking a question on Stack Overflow when you can't find existing related/duplicate questions?
1 votes

Search on SO using Google Not sure how obvious this is, but as a search engine Google can provide much better search than the internal search of Stackoverflow.

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Is it OK to use language-specific tags for problems with that are not directly connected to coding in such language?
-2 votes

Trying to summarize from related question I linked to from comments. From the point of view of the asker: Pro: Higher chance of question being read by hitting answerers favorite tags, in particular ...

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Thanks a million, Jon Skeet
3 votes

Do you still consider a rep recalculation would be good as in your question Revisiting the rep cap (yes, again), in light of the time that has passed since 2012, and how votes evolved? Like this ...

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Salvage vertical screen space
0 votes

I can get rid of several things that bug me with this Stylish config (based on undistractify-stackoverflow): /* hide distractors and space-wasters */ @namespace url(; ...

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Reduce tags usage with low follower / question ratio (widget names and ubiquitous CS words)
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Good questions will get many reviews and thus will have good tags eventually. Removing bad tags will not improve bad questions, not even the tagging of bad questions. Bad questions will always flood ...

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