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170 votes

Give an option to wear multiple hats

19 votes

Should Stack Overflow have a programming skill test for asking questions?

18 votes

Does Stack Overflow store URL referral data anywhere publicly?

12 votes

How do I earn reputation if Stack Overflow is so good that I can always find my answer without posting a question?

12 votes

The [heisenbug] tag has been burninated

10 votes

Feedback Requested: Search Engine Usage

8 votes

What do you do when the only answer to your question is not as helpful as one of the comments on the question?

7 votes

Questions about really rare languages

6 votes

Deleted question audit 2018

5 votes

Feedback on reviews

4 votes

Do we need a "other" reason for closing?

3 votes

Help us test question triage!

1 vote

Preview Differs from Post