Matthew Crews

I work at b-glowing.com as an Quantitative Analyst which really means that I spend all of my time writing and evaluating algorithms to drive our decision making systems. We use statistical analysis of marketplace trends to predict demand and pricing expectation to drive our ordering and pricing strategies. Tools of choice are R, SQL, and F#. I also write C# as I need to when working with other developers.

I am looking to work with a team to develop new techniques and solutions for challenging statistical problems. I would like to be using machine learning to develop statistical models which could then be used to optimize outcomes for our customers. While I enjoy discussing theory I constantly want to tie that back to how are we actually delivering value to the customer. I am most happy when I am able to help someone else be successful.

For a little background, I started coding when I was 7 with QBASIC and haven't been able to stop. I took a detour through engineering school at Oregon State University doing Chemical and Industrial Engineering but eventually found my way back to coding. I cut my teeth on VBA in Excel on internships. Worked with C#, F#, C++ AMP and R for graduate school. Worked as an Industrial Engineer for several years in Semiconductor but found that most of the interesting problems were code related. Spent several years writing PL/SQL and Groovy because that was all we had available but always wanted to find find my way back to R and F#.