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If this is not minimal, what's minimal?
31 votes

I am the one that posted that comment. For reference my comment was somewhere after the bounty was posted and before edit 5 (to the best of my recollection). This puts my comment before edit 7 where ...

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The Code of Conduct is a "no moderation" pass? Not on our watch! What can we do?
28 votes

While reading the question here it triggered for me another issue I have with some users that ties very well with the current topic: some users take down-votes as a personal attack. And this is one of ...

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4 votes
What divides [rvo] and [nrvo]?
2 votes

Related: as synonyms for return-value-optimization the following are suggested copy-elision, rvo and nrvo (which with my down-vote got deleted) I would have to disagree with the above and with ...

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23 votes
Should I edit my answer when the asker edits the question?
4 votes

First of all: don't worry about looking stupid. It's not that rare to see answers that are well received but apparently are not aligned with the question. In this case I just look at the history of ...

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19 votes
Is it OK to make a Q&A of a thing that I've already answered elsewhere?
5 votes

Answering you own question is encouraged. Who answers a question is irrelevant. What matters is the value the question/answer brings to the community. It doesn't even matter if you post a question to ...

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Typo which leads to a very interesting analysis
15 votes

Based on the first comments it seems that the problem is that even if the answer is indeed interesting, the question in is current form is not "searchable" and thus not useful. So I suggest ...

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How to flag a question about abusing a system?
1 votes

The original question was deleted so I don't know what it was about, but I will weigh in about the abusing aspect of the question. I strongly feel that this on it's own it isn't a reason for flagging/...

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