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Naming the Documentation Feature

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Plagiarism from Wikipedia survived for 3 years in the C# tag excerpt

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How to cope with complaints from tutors who want to fight cheaters

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Providing support via Stack Overflow

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Split the [merge]

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Do we need a [coreldraw-vba] tag?

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Allow multiple accounts in the Stack Exchange app

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What to do when edit was rejected with a "reject and edit" to even worse question state?

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Meaningless edits, or formatting guidelines not communicated?

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Should I mark my answer as community wiki when I am posting in someone's name who does not have an account?

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Are there questions that are too trivial to answer?

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Reputation of converted answers

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Community♦'s rejection reason when I "Reject and Edit" explicitly contradicts established site policy and is worse than no message at all

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How can I write math equations in tag wikis?

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Can you see if someone writes a comment or answer at this moment?