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291 votes

Happy 10th anniversary Stack Overflow! Commence ... au festival!

234 votes

Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits

176 votes

A proposal to reduce the number of closed questions needing reopen review

162 votes

Take the 2019 Developer Survey

151 votes

Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

147 votes

What is Just <3 code?

130 votes

Addressing Documentation #RepGateApocalypse

96 votes

A/B testing related questions within the answers list (experiment has graduated)

85 votes

I know this is an audit and it is bad. What should I do?

75 votes

Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

68 votes

Can we have [mcve] expand to http://stackoverflow.com/help/mcve in comments, please

66 votes

Outdated Answers: results from flagging exercise and next steps

65 votes

Do you think I was too harsh?

65 votes

Should we fix all MSDN links?

64 votes

Should an answer like this really be deleted?

64 votes

Would a note about preferred pronouns qualify the same way as a "thank you"?

63 votes

OP deletes example code from my answer, can I prevent this?

58 votes

Top Navigation Update

58 votes

Is [instagram] useful?

57 votes

CEO's 2020 Kickoff Blog: Where do you see Stack Overflow going?

57 votes

Announcing tweaks to the Triage queue

55 votes

What should be done about this specific famous controversial question asking when to use Node.js?

54 votes

How to deal with posts that are helpful but strongly opinionated?

52 votes

Should the mod team tighten up moderation on Meta comments?

51 votes

The Ask Wizard (2022) has graduated

49 votes

There should be at least 15 or 14 items for the Asian dynasty and 25 or more items for war chiefs

49 votes

Where to ask a question about DDR2 internals?

48 votes

We are out of new [design]s

47 votes

Does anyone else have the feeling that an answer is a precious resource that should be spent sparsely?

46 votes

We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now control the [featured] tag

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