"Avoid the term machine learning. Use advanced analytics and, if that's not enough, choose artificial intelligence. That way you make clear, that you want to avoid or include a generative aspect." ~myself

Into programming and neuroscience since 33 years (when I was 6, which is the date of the first GW-BASIC program I wrote that I still have), I work as an IT consultant in the field of artificial intelligence in Germany. Since the field is currently so hip people started calling me "Management IT Consultant for AI".

I work as a freelancer for startups up to Fortune 500 companies. I do not intend to change this, except for going all in with the startup of my lifetime.

I do a lot in Python these days but I'm not scared of any of the "C"s or e.g. node.js either. 08/15 Java projects totally turn me off. Mac yes, Unix yes, Windows hell no. Docker yes, virtual machines over network - run as fast as you can. Anything you cannot set up from scratch machine within 2 hours is a waste of lifetime. I never join projects that cannot be prototyped within a day - or, at least until I made sure they can be.