The character on my avatar is Roger from American Dad. I love this "dude" !

As a programmer I try to protect my eyes as much as possible.
I recently bought the Dasung E-Ink Paperlike Pro 13.3″ Monitor. The product is correct but the after-sale service is not worth the item price at all.
About 1000$ for a really bad client service, please be aware. Here is my story about that.

I am a Java developer for more 10 years.
Since my studies and until now, I love clean code, unit testing and good desgin.

My blog about Java development : http://myjavaadventures.com/blog

I use it to capture and share some development practices or concept that I find interesting.

Design Pattern

Among other things, I like very much design patterns. So, I try to capture and present them in Java with full personal example and unit testing.

Creational patterns
Design Pattern : singleton implementation in Java

Behavioral patterns
Design Pattern : chain of responsibility implementation in Java
Design Pattern : visitor implementation in Java

Structural patterns
Design Pattern : adapter implementation in Java
Design Pattern : decorator implementation in Java

I don't update it frequently but when I think about it :)