Young tinkerer from Bangalore, India. Love cycling, electronics, programming, singing, soccer... mind-it, that the order is purely lexical :-)

Formal education is that of a Computer Science engineer, so electronics is mostly self-taught and am keenly interested in it as a hobby. Have a hobby grade lab in our garage, and most things that I bought with my first 3 months of salary (few years back) including a simple yet capable Logica-Analyzer (SUMP), a decent (but not the best) quality multi-meter MECO-801 (autoranging), apart from 2 other, el-cheapo DMMs. Two fixed-power soldering irons -- a 25W Solderon with ceramic heating element, and a no-name 60W one. My bench is usually well stocked, as a good part of my weekends is spent there. Apart from that, I've Arduino, MSP430 Launchpad, RaspberryPi apart from some AVR attiny85's etc. Each of them has been used to a fair bit, so no idle stock on my bench :-)

My dream is to bring few products to market, that improve the lives of middle-class people in meaningful yet sustainable way. Making money through this venture, isn't my primary goal! My current interests are: Solar energy, Water management, Energy management, apart from domotics, which I believe can include all the 3 in some ways.

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