Since you got this far.. These days I focus mostly on writing a bunch of micro-services powered by ASP.NET Core/.NET Core. I also dip my toes in front-end development from time to time, mostly with Angular. I'm a huge unit test enthusiast and I love finding bugs on my own code while writing them 😁.

On a more serious note, I try to be active on SO helping as much as I can. I also try to contribute to OSS projects over on GitHub whenever I manage to find the time.

I'm the co-author of NuGet Trends - A useful tool for package maintainers to see the download rate of their packages and also for people interested in packages popularity over time.

I'm a huge supporter of inclusion in tech. I strongly believe our industry is broken and we need to address it. There should NOT be discrimination around minority groups. I do my best to always help newcomers feel welcome, safe and comfortable in their position. We can do this and it has to start with every single one of us 💪.

I occasionally blog about what I'm up to here.(100% ad-free, no spying crap 👍).

Finally: 🐶 >>>> 👨 (dogs > people)